Let's build your blog, business, or personal website with NodeJS, PHP, or Content Management System (Ex. WordPress, Wix).


Let's build your ecommerce business website with Shopify or WordPress(Woocommerce Plugin).


Let's build your logos, brand, posters, brochures and more with canvas and photoshop.

Web Application


CMS (WordPress or Wix)

  • Why CMS Website

    • User friendly content management system

    • Multiple free and paid plugins

    • Multiple free and paid widgets

    • Customizable to fit customer design preference

    • Awesome SEO best practices

    • Multiple free and paid themes

    • Popular for ecommerce websites


    PHP Website Application

  • Why PHP Website

    • Powerful web code base for building CSM like wordpress

    • Use of web development frameworks like Laravel

    • Makes your application more secure

    • Very easy to host php websites

    • Highly connectible to MySQL database

    • Easy for Google Analytics Integration

    • Easier to maintain


    NodeJS Website Application

  • Why NodeJS Website

    • MEAN stack - MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS

    • Faster server side

    • React and Redux Integration

    • A very active and vibrant community

    • Shares the same client side and server side code

    • Awesome for data streaming

    • Great for fast file upload client

    Featured Work

    KDG Web Technology

    Kay DiGital Web Technology wesite was designed to show customers my work and my process of web development.

    Work: Website development, web design, Web Hosting, Email, Brand design & Logos

    Technology: HTML5, CSS3, CSS Grid, Flexbox, JavaScript, NodeJS


    RCCG Grace Chapel

    Grace Chapel is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, located in Grand Prairie, Texas.

    Work: Website developemnt, Web design, Web hosting, Email, Graphic Design

    Technology: HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, CSS Grid, JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB


    OlivePalm Event Center

    Olive Palm Event Center is a startup event center located in Mansfield, Texas. This website was created to attract and provide information to new customers.

    Work: Website development, Web design, Web Hosting, & Email

    Technology: HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, Parallax, JavaScript, NodeJS


    KharisLight Blog

    Kharislight is a personal blogging site for my client. This website was created to fullfill my client's desire to share stories with different people across the globe.

    Work: Website Design, CMS, Web Hosting, Brand Design, Logos, & Email

    Technology: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Hostgator


    Pearl-Honey Spreads

    Pearl Honey Spreads is my client's new honey spreads business. My client wanted a new ecommerce website to create an online store for customers to purchase their honey spreads product.

    Work: Website Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design

    Technology: Shopify, HTML5, CSS3


    Brand Design


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